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Precimet - over two decades in the business

The PRECIMET H.C.E. company began its activity in the horticulture industry in 1989.
Starting from the simplest tools, we gradually gained experience and the customers' recognition, while simultaneously broadening our offer, adding increasingly more technologically advanced devices.

Now, our offer successfully competes with the offer of Western companies and over a half of our production is commissioned by customers from other EU countries: the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Hungary, the Czech Republic.

Devices produced by PRECIMET H.C.E. are also used in greenhouse farms in the countries of Eastern Europe such as Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine and Belarus.


The most popular electric trolley for crop cultivation in modern mediu height greenhouses (max. plants height to 4m).

Circulation fans

The stillness of air in a greenhouse causes the deterioration of its microclimate and has an adverse effect on plants. In order to even out the temperature and optimize the humidity, ventilation is needed. Opened ventilators may serve as a poor substitute. A much better solution is a fan designed especially for greenhouse horticulture.


A very popular trolley for harvesting in modern greenhouses. Possible different version up to order.


Tomato suspensions are used for modern tomato growing in greenhouses in the so-called prolonged tomato cultivation.